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The lowest price in your purchases

FactorChic tries to offer the lowest price; so if you find the same product cheaper in other website, we will refund the difference. Please verify that the product meets the conditions summarized here below.
The final price considered to compare the purchases, will be the final purchase price, taking into account discounts, delivery expenses, taxes, etc.
Return conditions:
- The product must be exactly the same (same reference, size, color, brand) ... and other characteristics to take into account. In case this similarity is not valid, no refund will be paid.
- The other website to compare with must be an online store, excluding "price comparators" or Marketplaces. The store will also be regulated by Spanish law with VAT included in the prices and prices in euros.
- The article should have the same service conditions: guarantee product, original tags, service and terms of delivery similar to Factorchic...
- The request for a refund must be made by the client by mail to: info@factorchic.com (no later than four calendar days after the date of purchase), attaching the order number and a link to the product´s website.
Return will not be admitted in these cases:
- Liquidations, removal of stock or last units.
- Products used or prices below market focused on liquidation.
- Individual sales or Pages Sales
- Products in Marketplaces and price comparators.
- Products sold in packs of discount.
- Products whose request has exceeded the 4 calendar days from the date of purchase.
If it is accepted the return, the refund of the difference will be made with the same method of payment that the purchase was made. To request a refund, contact us by mail: info@factorchic.com, within 4 calendar days from the date of purchase, attaching the order number of your purchase, and a link to the Website where it appears .
The total amount to return is calculated on the net amount paid by the customer, taking into account discounts or points used, promotions and offers. That is, if an item is worth € 100 and discounted stays at 80 € and the client also uses € 10 extra discount points accumulated in his account, the amount to compare is 70 €.
If you have questions about a possible refund before making a purchase, you can consult before buying: info@factorchic.com. If refund is admitted, the purchase must be made within 48 hours from the consult.