ChicPoints - Extra euros

Earn ChicPoints (reward points) with each purchase in FactorChic!! Each time you buy any product in our website, you win ChicPoints or discount points, that will be deducted from the total amount of your next purchase. The system informs you about the Points you have got, while making a purchase.

One ChicPoints is one euro discount.

Each product has a specific number of ChicPoints, and each week there are some products with EXTRA CHICPOINTS, to get EXTRA euros of discount. Earn additional ChicPoints through special offers and promotions.

Point calculations are based upon Euros spent at checkout on purchases. When products are returned to the store or by mail, points will be deducted for those items returned. Rewards Points are non-transferable. Other restrictions or exclusions may apply.

You can consult the number of ChicPoints you have got; just entering with your access data (e-mail and password), and visiting the section \"Your account\" (next to your username, on the top right corner). One of the options in this section will show you the Chicpoints obtained.

ChicPoints conditions:

-ChicPoints used in one purchase, cannot exceed the 50% of the total amount of the purchase. An example, if you have 30 ChicPoints and you buy a product of 50€, you only will be able to use 25ChicPoints (or 25 euros), and the extra 5 ChicPoints will be acumulated for another purchase.

-ChicPoints are non-transferable. ChicPoints can only be used if the have been got by a previous purchase of the user.

FactorChic reserves the right to make changes to the rewards points program at any time.