Place a new order


There is a search field at the top of the web page. You can use it to easily locate the product you are looking for just typing its name. Once you have entered the name, reference or any search criteria, a popup window will show the product and others related products.
If the product you want is not listed, perhaps the product is out of stock, or you have entered incorrect data into the search engine.
For more product information please consult the product sheet directly; where a more detailed description and a photo will appear. Sometimes images showed have not the same appearance that real products ( as an example, in cosmetics and perfumes ). We try to adjust the images to the real products as much as possible, but not always is available the photo for every size, so a general image is showed for the perfume or product. When buying a perfume or a cosmetic product, select the product by its name.


Making a purchase in FactorChic is very simple, just follow these steps we explain below. The system allows to select the products and to add them to the shopping cart. To confirm the purchase just do the following:
1 Log in to your account. If you are not registered, click on ("Register"); and if you are registered, log in with your user and password ("Login"). 
2 Once logged in, a pre-purchase order will appear; showing the summary of all the products you have selected during the process (added to cart). Also display different options of shipment and payment method.
3 Shipping Option Selection: You can choose between two shipping options with different companies and different delivery times. The system displays the cost of each one. More information about this in this section.
4 Payment Method Selection: Payment can be made by one of the methods explained in the payment section. If you have accumulated "discount codes" or "PuntosChic" of other purchases, you can use them in order to reduce the total amount of the purchase. The system will update automatically the total amount.
5 Finally, complete the payment process, providing the necessary information to the ecommerce payment gateway. All data provided in this step are encrypted to ensure its safety.